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Balchem is honored to continue to bring you the Real Faces of Dairy. In 2022, the Real Faces of Dairy is focused on providing the tools and talking points you need to tell your story to your neighbors, friends and others in your community. Let’s show the world how much we care for our animals, our land, and the legacy we leave behind.

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Consumers are flooded with misinformation and negative messages about our industry all the time. Please consider a commitment to tell your story and share your passion with those not able to enjoy life on the farm.

I pledge to share my story with my community, helping them learn how:

  • We care for our animals
  • We provide a safe and collaborative work environment for employees
  • We are stewards of the environment
  • We produce high quality, healthy dairy products
  • We strive to provide a lasting legacy for our family and community

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The Real Faces of Dairy project began as a way to honor and celebrate the innovators that have shaped the American dairy industry and those that will take us into the future. Throughout 2016, Balchem and Dairy Herd Management magazine took a voyage through time, sharing stories of the many people, roles and innovations that are vital to the future of dairy around the world.

The image below is the Bonnie Mohr painting, “The Birth of an Industry.” We have added those special faces that helped tell the story and bring all aspects of this growing and vibrant industry to life. Read their stories by clicking on the magnifying glass next to each person.



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