10 Ways to Share Your Dairy Story

  1. Shift the focus. By nature, we want to talk about ourselves. But, direct the conversation to the consumer. Connect with their values. Then, you can share why you do what you do.
  2. Engage in emotion. Emotions trump rational thought. Allow the consumer to get a real feel for why you’re passionate about the dairy industry. Remember to use simple, empathetic messages.
  3. Provide examples. Tell consumers what’s done on your farm to support them. This is your time for “show and tell.” Contact local schools or officials to set up tours of your dairy.
  4. Concentrate on the “moveable middle.” While a significant number of consumers do not have an opinion, they still have concerns about dairy-farming practices. Don’t focus on agenda-driven, anti-dairy groups.
  5. Take your time. Establishing trust and building relationships require patience. More than one conversation might be necessary to accomplish that.
  6. Own your messages. Practice and personalize those messages to your dairy, family and community. Don’t become
    a talking robot. Be a passionate, heart-felt dairy leader who cares about the consumer.
  7. Create trust. Focus on building relationships and quit talking at people. Be positive and share your stories from the heart.
  8. Be dedicated. Devote time every week to being a dairy advocate.
  9. Be active in social media. If your farm doesn’t have a Facebook page, now is the time to start one. Share your photos on the Real Faces of Dairy Facebook page, too, @realfacesofdairy.
  10. Reach out. State and regional dairy checkoff organizations have tools and training available to help you in becoming a more effective dairy advocate.