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Bridging the Gap Between Farmers and Consumers

U.S. Farm Report featured Jessica Ziehm, co-owner of Tiashoke Farm in Buskirk, NY, talking about how we as producers need to share our message with consumers of how we care for our animals. She is one of the Real Faces of Dairy and so are YOU! Join us in taking the Real Faces of Dairy Pledge to share your story with your community via! Sponsored by Balchem.

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Goldilocks Meets Choline – Charlie Staples, PhD

Dr. Charlie Staples, from the University of Florida, presents “Goldilocks Meets Choline.” This unique research, presented during the 2016 ADSA Joint Annual Meeting, determines whether supplementation with rumen-protected choline influences performance on multiparous cows.

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Breeding for Milk Protein – Chuck Sattler

Chuck Sattler from Select Sires shared innovative genetic evaluation indexes during the Cornell Nutrition Conference and how milk protein has played a large role in sire selection approaches in recent years.

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CSI Style Video – How Milk Protein Is Made

As one of the first limiting amino acids, methionine is key to all protein production within the cow, including milk protein. Supplemental methionine is essential to meeting the cow’s requirement and helping support maximum milk protein production and your bottom line.

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