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Choline’s Role in Managing Subclinical Ketosis

Hear from Dr. Garrett Oetzel, University of Wisconsin-Madison, and Dr. Ric Grummer, Balchem Corporation, on understanding the impact of subclincal ketosis on dairy herd performance and profitability, and choline’s role in optimizing transition nutrition.

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Comparing Choline Encapsulation Technologies

Choline is essential for health –both for us and for our livestock. Supplemental choline is added to baby formulas, foods and many of our animal’s feeds. Choline plays a key role in the development and structural integrity of brain cell membranes in infants and is vital to normal neurologically dependent activities such as memory and muscle function. Choline is also needed in dietary fat metabolism and for normal reproductive performance.

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Balchem – Introduction to the Choline Market

Balchem Corporation is the largest producer of choline chloride worldwide, producing more types of choline products, across more industries than any other company. And with over 40 years of dedicated research, we are also a worldwide resource for choline chloride information and expertise.

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